Tax Return

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3Tax Return must be completed by employees resident abroad who have worked in Norway for a foreign or norwegian employer and foreign employees as well as Norwegian resident abroad who have worked on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Please note that Tax Return must be submitted regardless of any limitations to Norwegian tax liability due to tax conventions.

If signed and completed Tax Return is not submitted, the taxable income will be estimated and as surtax considered. Please note that this will also apply even if the employer submits an “End of Year Certificate” (Income certificate).

Please contact us and we will help you with completing of your Tax Return. We chose the method that works best for you and ensure that you’ll get all the deductions you are entitled. You will receive an estimated tax calculation from us. If it doesn’t correspond with Tax Assessment you’ll receive from the Tax Office we will send an appeal for you.

Through years of working with Tax Authorities we are well known on the rights and opportunities which foreign employees have.

It is worthwhile using professional tax help!

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