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TAX RETURN is a consulting company. Our focus area is foreign employees on assignment in Norway.

For individuals, we can assist with help of tax issues, preparation of Tax Return, as well as help to contact the Tax Authorities and other public offices.

Our employees are continuously updated through training etc. in relation to changes within tax legislation and other various fields.

We place great emphasis on quality and personal service.

For further information, please contact us.

Our staff:

AnnaHalvorsenAnna Halvorsen, tax expert and CEO

Anna Halvorsen is a tax expert and a certified public accountant. She has a bachelor degree in economy from Tartu University, Estonia and additional education from University in Halden, Norway. Anna has a great experience in economy issues and accounting in Norway and has tax as her specialty. She is a founder of TAX RETURN and SkatteEkperten AS (www.skatteeksperten.no). Anna is holding tax courses specially adapted for small and medium companies in Norway. She is an active member of Business and Professional Women organisasion (www.bpw-follo.no). She speaks Norwegian, English, Russian and Estonian.

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